1:30pm-8:30pm Mon-Thurs
1:30pm-10pm Friday
12pm-10pm Saturday
12pm-8pm Sunday
(Note: Staff may not be on site during inactive time slots)

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Game experiences

Duration: 75 minutes

You and your highly skilled team of army strategists are going head to head with an opposing team in a good old fashioned escape room battle!

The concept is simple:
Solve puzzles and build a detonation device to blow up the other team. Once your team has assembled the device correctly..... KaBOOM!!!!
Good luck! 


 About this room:
Everyone is going absolutely bonkers over this new room!
KaBoom is 2 identical rooms in which teams can compete against each other. Teams will not be able to see each other but will know when their opponent makes progress in the game making for a very exciting environment. To add to the intensity, teams will have the ability to sabotage the other team!!

This is not only for your average puzzle game junkie. This is also ideal for large groups looking to have some fun in a team building event!
All sessions must be booked in advance!

Default max group size is 12. More slots may be added upon request. 


Enter the abstract world of a painter named Illythia Dugana. She has lost something very important to her. Her studio and gallery contain clues to it's location. Help her find it before it's gone forever. 

About this room:

People are raving over this Longmont escape room, that contains unique puzzles and interesting decor. Come check out our escape room today!

Sessions are by appointment only



You've played the criminal, now it's time to play the cop! A robbery has taken place at Breakout Bank. The robbers got away with a cool million dollars in cash. Your elite team must figure out who got away, and where they're headed so they can be apprehended. You've seen it on tv and in the movies. Let's see if you're smart enough to catch the bad guys!

About this room:
Kids will have fun in this room but definitely bring 2-4 adults to solve the more difficult tasks. 
As the sequel to one of the hardest escape room games in the area, you better have your game face on. This one is not going to be any easier! In fact, it's even more difficult than it's predecessor. DEAD PRESIDENTS 2 is going to require tip top critical thinking skills and deductive reasoning. 

Sessions are by appointment only

(This room is NOT scary)

You've all seen the movie and now it's time to live it!
You know what you have to do... Help Jack save christmas!!! 
It's ok if you haven't seen the movie!

About this room:
Our Longmont escape room is very cool and very fun! This room is perfect for any age as it has a very good find to solve ratio. Children will have a blast finding things in tricky places and adults will be put to the test solving challenging puzzles to figure out the way to escape!!!

Sessions are by appointment only

Birthday Party Packages
Throw your children a birthday party they won’t forget at the coolest place in town! We are now offering discounted birthday packages for anyone 17 years old or younger. Choose any room(s) you wish and enjoy pizza, cake, and ice cream after in our party room!
Package 1:
1 escape room up to 8 people total
1 hour in the party room (Additional hours are $20/hr)
Gift from us for the birthday boy/girl
$195 (Value of $282)
Package 2:
1 escape room up to 16 people total
1 hour in the party room (Additional hours are $20/hr)
Gift from us for the birthday boy/girl
$330 (Value of $506)

Party room amenities:
Seating for up to 30 people
Refrigerator with freezer
Private entrance/ exit
To take advantage of the birthday party package pricing, escape room game participants must all be under the age of 18 with the exception of 1 or 2 adults. You may bring food or have it delivered to the escape room. Anyone can join the after party, even if they didn't participate in the game. You must provide food and anything additional needed like plates, cups, napkins, and silverware.


Conveniently located in Longmont, our escape room makes it easy to travel to from Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Loveland, and anywhere along the Front Range for a fun family activity!

1129 Francis st,  Longmont, CO 80501